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About us

Who we are

Some call us Nerds, Some call us geeks, and many call us Developers. But we call ourselves as the Crew of Creators, who are passionate about uplifting everyone towards their dream.

DeCrew is an experienced team of designers and developers who are committed to deliver groundbreaking digital, technological products and services. We code anything and everything.



Not sure of the business value of your idea, don't worry our experts can value it with an MVP.



Have a perfect business solution, Lead us through your and we will visualize it to the world.


Always at rescue

Always procrastinating your boring task ? Stuck with deadlines? Don't worry our team is ready to do it for you.


What we do

You have an idea ? we build it into a product. Already have a product? We make it better. Want to explore new markets ? We will build the tech map for it.

Web Development

We prefer custom web development to incorporate your complex and unique business logic over off-shelf web solutions. We ought to provide the best user - experience and better performance on the web.

mobile app
Mobile Development

From iOS & Android app development to Cloud-based application development, we craft the app from prototype to cross platform integration. We also ensure to maintain better accessibility and reliability.

UI & UX Design

Every process, service, or solution designed for the user should be nothing less than a masterstroke. We believe that a good User eXperience engages, attracts, and retains users.Our UX solves product issues.

Feature Development

One valuable functionality can improve the productivity of your product at any stage. We Provide support through a cross functional and cross component team to update your already existing processes and products.

Product Strategy

We develop every simple idea to a possible solution. Our team devises the strategies for a product right from prototype, test cases, MVP to launching them successfully with all desired requirements and functionalities.

Digital Marketing

The growth of a business is directly related to the success of its content marketing and social media campaigns which brings qualified visitors to the site and helps them convert into leads that drive sales.

Our Projects

What we work

Have a look at the different projects we have worked on. This diversified portfolio stands as proof for our expertise in different products and services.

Decrew Project 1


Commercial catalogue websites with simple and logical interactive user experience, integrated contact forms and product enquiries that promote lead conversion to drive sales.

Decrew Project 1


E-commerce sites that require a customer facing front end along with a backend to maintain processes such as accounting, order management, inventory management and customer service.

Decrew Project 1

Progressive Web Apps.

The integration of a progressive, responsive web with an app-like user experience to deliver a discoverable and installable PWA that provides all required functionality.

Decrew Project 1


Visualize real time data graphically using plots, statistical graphics, information graphics and other tools to convert the complex data more accessible and usable for analytical tasks.

Decrew Project 1


The mining, extraction and integration of data from web pages into useful data, information and knowledge, store it in a database for further structuralization and Analytics.

Decrew Project 1


Integration of API with the website to automate mails at a particular time and trigger emails to subscribers which is useful for various marketing campaigns.

Decrew Project 1


Integration of a leading payment gateway for simple and fast checkout within the android and ios app for safe payment processing.

Decrew Project 1


Use of natural language processing and artificial intelligence in a conversation to understand what the customers want and guide them through it.

Decrew Project 1


Every functionality of the software component is tested for quality assurance based on their test cases of the specifications.

Decrew Project 1


Design the interface with elements such that they are easy to access, understand and use to facilitate the required action.

Decrew Project 1


Design company logo, business cards, brochures, flyers, Banners with complete prominence.

Decrew Project 1


Improve the online presence through keyword research, monitor website traffic, optimise pages to improve results.


Our Great Team

Our team is a group of unique talented individuals, who are passionate about crafting products. A perfect blend of these talents is our secret formula to success.


Check our Pricing

DeCrew has a pricing model that suits every company and client. We meet the specific needs by adjusting the model based on our requirements. Our minimum pricing starts at $15 / hour.

Our Reasonable Price

$15 / hour

We will provide quality of work and we will give value to every dollar.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the team located?

    We are a remote development team based in India, with like-minded people collaborate to deliver valuable solutions to business across the globe. We are based on the Indian/Mumbai time zone (GMT + 5.30).

  • Communication is essential for development. Our developers are flexible and we set up daily and weekly meetings at the most convenient time for our clients to stay connected.

  • We sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement that protects both parties within the contract, so you are protected in terms of code authenticity in particular.

  • Usually, we work on different pricing model based on the projects. You can learn more about all the pricing models we use here.

  • Yes, we usually include a project manager to run the project and enhance the communication between the team and the client.

  • If the client doesn't have any specific requirements regarding the technologies or the project vision, we validate the idea, and determine the key points of the development process.


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